Friday, 22 February 2013

Who wants to be a barista?

OK it's a silly word but it would appear that as job opportunity it is surprisingly popular, at least in Mapperley which is in Nottinghamshire.

The Costa coffee chain are opening up a new branch, so advertised for barista posts in their new shop. We all know that these are hard times, but Costa were very taken aback when they received more than 1700 applications for just 8 jobs. Only three of these jobs were full time.

That works out at 212 applicants for each job!

In Nottinghamshire the unemployment rate in January was 12.8%. The national average unemployment rate is 7.7%.

Frances O'Grady who is the General Secretary of the TUC said: "These figures show just how desperate people are for any kind of work. Ministers claim there are plenty of jobs out there but the reality is that there are far more people chasing these jobs."