Thursday, 5 February 2015

My new found shabbiness

Three and a half weeks ago I lost my place to live in a hostel for the homeless in North East London. I was given an hour to gather what could, I left carrying three small bags and the clothes I stood up in.

I've had a lot of adjustments to make since then, I spent some time sofa surfing and now I'm part of the set up at Hackney Winter Night Shelter, This is where I have been for a little over two weeks. A whole new bunch of people to get to know/get used to. There are twenty five of us in total but the personnel change here and there as two or three have moved on. The big adjustment has been no peace and quiet, nowhere to sit and gawp out of the window for twenty minutes doing nothing at all.

Since then I have acquired one or two other bits and pieces; shoes, a coat, tee shirt. I still feel like a tramp. I seem to be dressed in an odd assortment of ill-fitting clothes all of the time, every day. Up until a few days ago I was shuffling around in a pair of boots that were two sizes too big. The jeans I'm currently wearing are baggy and the waist size is four inches bigger than I would ordinarily wear.

Not too much to complain about, it is just that I am not usually this scruffy!

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